Important: Final Sign-Ups for Fall


An important message from League President Bob LaRose:

We will be having 2 more in person registrations in the next 2 weeks. The first one will be this coming Saturday from 9 am -1 pm at Worcester State University at the football field where we play our spring flag.

The second will be at Dick’s sporting goods from 10am to 1pm at Lincoln Plaza Sunday June 25th.

All the forms you need are are our website under the handouts section on the left side of the screen. A lot of players from last year who I know are coming back have not signed up yet .

Please make an effort to do so over these next two weekends it’s really important for us to have accurate numbers.

If you have equipment and have not returned it please do if you do not we will reach out to you first then send you a bill for the equipment.

We will be offering K-3 flag in the fall as opposed to k-2 last year.

We are currently trying to figure out our 10U 5th grade team although it looks like Cory Rondeau Sr. will be head coach of that team. Coach Mahoney is dropping down a level with his own child. Greylon Douglas will be head coach of 12u team replacing John Black, John will still be helping in a different capacity. We also will have 2 teams at Coach Gregoires level and we have a coach lined up.

Central Mass has gone to a Division based system with Divisions one and two so the levels with two teams will have a Division One and a Division two team. This makes for equal and competitive balance and will ensure all players get more playing time and they will be placed appropriately. I think we will compete at the highest level in both divisions.

Rob McCann is our new vice president and will be in charge of 4th grade and down including flag Mike Gregoire will be helping him as an assistant Football Director. Curtis Ewing is the Football Director from 10u/5th grade and up.

Our spring Flag season has been a tremendous success and the fall season will be even better. I would like to thank all of the volunteers this spring and last year for there valuable time, it’s much appreciated.

Like we say " WIN EVERY DAY"


K-3 Flag $100

Fall Tackle: $170

Divisions For Tackle:

2/3 Grade Instructional Tackle football Coaches on Field

9U,10U,11U,12U,13/14U(8th Grade)

We look forward to seeing you soon any questions please email us at

Thank You Bob LaRose Cowboys President

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