6U Select Team Details


We are looking for 16 players to make up 2 teams (8 players per team) to play on Sunday, June 4th and Sunday, June 11th vs the Marlboro Panthers in Marlboro.

Those teams will each play 2 games back to back on those Sundays. One game at 4pm and the next game at 5pm.

This is a great opportunity for the players to get some exposure to traveling and playing another town.

Those interested would be expected to play their regular game on Saturday at Worcester State and the select game on Sunday in Marlboro on those two dates.

The best candidates should not only be able to make the 2 week commitment but also be able to handle playing two games back to back.

Contact me soon via my cell phone or see me this Saturday if you are interested. I will let you know if your child would be a good candidate for this opportunity.


Coach Rob